Izzybelle is my companion around the home and studio, she gives me ideas and makes me laugh. She's the silliest and sweetest cat on the block. Sometimes she even walks on my computer, I think she has a few ideas of her own to write about, maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

   This year we welcomed a new family member, Levi. He's a rescue dog and he has won everyones hearts, except for Izzybelle's.  We are still trying to convince her that his intentions are good. She does not believe us yet.

    Levi loves paper like me. He also loves mud. (Click on the photo and you will see more)

       I am a wife, a mom, an author and illustrator, a teacher (although I don't teach in a classroom anymore) and a thinker.

     I was born in the beautiful country of Mexico, across the Rio Grand. I love a good guacamole and carne asada!

    Our soon to be studio is where I work from, in our family business and my writing and illustrating. It is still not finished but it’s already functional enough.

    We should always work at what we enjoy doing most, that way it wont feel so much like work, it should feel more like play.

    Watercolor, pastels, and colored pencils are my favorites, all because I get to use paper.  I love paper!