Life Happens Between the Lines.

     By Jessica Johnson

      So here is my first rule to Stay Steadfast while Living the Life of Your Dreams and the Real Life that Happens Between the Lines.

Believe in your dreams.

       Our passion will be stirred not shaken as long as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

       We cannot under any circumstance forget what drives us, what is the inner core of our dreams.  Many times this means to remember what we wanted to do when we were kids, to return to that moment in life when the future seemed simple and approachable when we believed we could simply wish and, viola!  It would happen because we simply wanted it.  But as we grew we learned by cause and effect that the future is a little bit less simple and approachable. Sometimes it can be more like bull riding, or like running with the bulls, or sometimes like being the bull in a bull fight.

         It helps me so much to learn about people that started by believing in their dreams, acted upon them and now they are great examples that we can read about.  Although the pictures of their lives are perfect I believe they have a life similar to mine where chaos becomes beauty and feeds our souls.  It gives us the exact measure of experience to pour into our art, our dreams, our paths, and the lives of others.  When this happens that’s when we can see that light at the end of the tunnel.  The beautiful stories and examples are the result of going through life’s trials with dreams to guide you.