Order your soul to wait in silence

Order your soul to wait in silence.

 (Psalms 62:1-6)

      Creative time and thought processes are important to me. The time I dedicate to this virtue is kind of a treasure that I get to enjoy now and then. But sometimes and more times than I would wish, life gets in the way. 

            When I feel that time is running short, when my to do list is as long as the line at the coffee shop, when dinner is left-overs because I didn’t find enough time to prepare a meal for my family, I take some time to reflect, to breathe, and to think. 

     When the laundry room door does not close because the pile of dirty clothes is spilling out into the hall, when you forgot to go to that very important school meeting, when the budget does not stretch as far as you need it to, when you finally had time to make a word search for the new business name and your child is sick and you need to run to the doctor instead. Has this happened to you?  Can you relate?

     When your to do list included ‘write in my journal’ and it’s midnight and you have not gotten to it, when you have decided that a trip to the gym would do you good because your socks are getting too tight, when your perfect life is far from perfection, search for thoughts in the quiet of your space and pray. Meditate in silence. Turn off your phone, the news and the noise. We all need this. Order your soul to wait in silence.


My Soul waits in silence for God only... Psalms 62:1-5